Copilot AI Music Creation

Microsoft Copilot has introduced a tool that enables users to create AI songs with just one line of text. This integration with Suno AI, an app developed by musicians and artificial intelligence experts, opens up new avenues for creativity and experimentation.

How It Works

To create an AI song with Microsoft Copilot, users must sign in to Copilot using their Microsoft account and enable the Suno plugin. Once enabled, users can provide a brief text prompt that describes the subject, style, or genre of the desired song. In response, Copilot generates and displays the lyrics first, followed by a Play button to listen to the music.

How to Try It

To experience the AI song creation capabilities of Microsoft Copilot, users can follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Microsoft Edge and navigate to the Copilot website.
  2. Click on the Plugins heading on the right and ensure that the Suno plugin is turned on. Alternatively, click on the Suno logo that says “Make a song with Suno.”
  3. Type your request at the prompt, and the response will be generated gradually.
  4. Once the image with a play button appears, click to listen to the AI-generated song.
  5. You can then share your creation via email or social media platforms.

The Team Behind Suno AI

Suno AI was developed by a team of musicians and artificial intelligence experts based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The team consists of alumni from pioneering tech companies like Meta and TikTok. Suno AI was founded by four co-founders: Mikey Shulman, Georg Kucsko, Martin Camacho, and Keenan Freyberg. Their goal is to make music creation accessible to everyone. Suno AI can also be accessed through Discord.

Ownership and Copyright

It is important to note that the ownership and copyright of the generated music depend on the user’s subscription. According to Suno’s FAQs, if users are using the app’s free version, the copyright of the generated music belongs to Suno. However, for users subscribed to the Pro or Premier versions, the ownership belongs to the user. The exact details of how Suno AI creates music or the training data used remain unclear.

The Future of AI in Music

The partnership between Microsoft Copilot and Suno is just one example of how AI technology is transforming the music industry. Other leading tech companies, like Meta and Google, are also delving into generative AI music tools. Meta’s open-source AudioCraft and Google’s YouTube tool are examples of how AI can create songs based on text prompts or hummed melodies. Furthermore, numerous AI music startups such as Soundful, Magenta, and are making significant progress in this field, offering similar AI music generation capabilities.

Final Thoughts

With Microsoft Copilot’s AI song creation tool, users can unleash their creativity and generate unique songs based on simple text prompts. While there may be some nuances regarding ownership and copyright, the ability to create AI songs opens up new possibilities in the world of music composition. Whether you’re a musician, songwriter, or simply an enthusiast, these AI-powered tools are here to assist you in creating new musical experiences.

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